Practical English Writing
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Course Code: 0801871
Responsible Teacher: Jie Shan
Chinese Name: 实用英文写作
English Name: Practical English Writing
Type:Optional Course
Credit: 2
Period: 36
Target Student: Students who are major in Remote Sensing Science and Technology
Advance Course: Students must have successfully completed the required college English course(s).

1.Teaching Aims
Through this course students should be able to write practical English works such as resume, cover letters, reference letters, abstracts, reports, general communication letters, and receive training in writing scientific papers and thesis.

2.Teaching Requirements
Students should be active in class and independently work on their assignments. Students are encouraged to discuss and work in teams. It is required that students follow instructions and have good working habit.
Through this course students should be familiar with the knowledge and style of practical English writing in general communications and scientific writing. They should have a good command of social communication and technical expression. In particular, they should produce decent write-ups in resume, letters, abstracts, summary, scientific papers and thesis.

3.Course Contents and Periods Allocation

Content Period
Introduction and general guidelines 4
Resume and curriculum vitae 4
Cover letters 4
Public letters 4
Reference letters 2
Abstracts 4
Reports 4
Scientific papers 6
Thesis 2
Summary 2
Units of allocation table

4.Text Books and References
Handouts and possible reference books (to be determined).

5.Evaluation Mode
The course grade will depend on students’ performance in class activities, assignments, homework, quiz, and the final exam. 

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