Practice and Applications of Geoinformatics
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Course Code: 0801873
Responsible Teacher: Jie Shan
Chinese Name: 地理信息科学实践和应用
English Name: Practice and Applications of Geoinformatics
Type: Optional Course
Credit: 2
Period: 36
Target Student: Students who are major in Remote Sensing Science and Technology

1.Teaching Aims
Through this course students will receive training in both theoretical and applied geospatial techniques. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to 1) understand the modeling, structure and manipulation of geographic data; 2) design and produce digital maps in desktop environment; and 3) carry out typical geospatial analysis tasks. ArcGIS or similar software will be used in the course.

2.Teaching Requirements
Students should be active in class and independently work on their assignments and projects. Students will have the opportunities to discuss and work in teams. It is required that students follow instructions and have good working habit.
Students should be familiar with the general theory, common techniques, popular data sources, and broad applications of geoinformatics. They should command the techniques for data preprocessing, integration, analysis, and presentation with one or several popular GIS software packages. In particular, students should be able to produce decent maps and solve typical geospatial analysis problems in engineering and science.

3.Course Contents and Periods Allocation

Content Period
Introduction 2
Review of fundamentals 2
ArcGIS 4
Geospatial data and products 2
Data model and structure 2
Data preprocessing and mapping 2
Raster algebra and spatial analysis 2
Vector data spatial analysis 4
Geospatial database design 4
Watershed, viewshed, and hillshading 6
Network analysis 4
Prime geostatistics 2
Units of allocation table

4.Text Books and References
Handouts and possible reference books (to be determined).

5.Evaluation Mode
The course grade will depend on students’ performance in class activities, assignments, homework, quiz, and final exam. 

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