Image Processing and Analysis for Geospatial Imagery
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Course Code: 0802227
Responsible Teacher: Xiangyun Hu
Chinese Name:地理空间影像的处理与分析
English Name: Image Processing and Analysis for Geospatial Imagery:
Type: Optional Course
Credit: 2
Period: 36
Target Student:  Students who are major in Remote Sensing Science and Technology
Advance Course: Specialized Fundamental Courses
1.Teaching Aims
1) To introduce the tendencies and the state-of-the-arts of data processing of remotely sensed imagery.
2) Students be able to implement basic algorithms based on the methods introduced.

2. Teaching Requirements
The teacher will introduce various nowadays imaging systems of remote sensing, up-to-date high resolution imaging technologies, principles, applications and fundamental algorithms of GEOBIA (Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis), man-made object extraction, basic methods and progresses in data processing of topographic laser scanning. The students are required to carry out research projects in implementing algorithms, and to discuss and present their research in the classes.
3. Course Contents and Periods Allocation

Content Period
Introduction 3
Geographic Object based image analysis for high resolution imagery 3
Object extraction from high resolution remotely sensed imagery 3
Basic data processing methods in topographic laser scanning data 9
Student presentations and discussions 9
Research project: Implementation of basic image segmentation algorithms and selected algorithms in point cloud processing 9
 Units of allocation table

4. Text Books and References
Handouts, if any.
Reference books:
[1] Topographic Laser Ranging and Scanning, Jie Shan & Charles Toth,CRC Press,2009年.
[2] Image Processing, Analysis and Machine Vision (3rd edition), Sonka, Thomson Corp., 2008.
5. Evaluation Mode
Course assignments, and the research project

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