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Wuhan University (WHU) is a comprehensive and key national university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education. It is also one of the "211 Project" and "985 Project" universities with full support in the construction and development from the central and local government of China. 
Wuhan University is also among the first group of universities that were established the post-doctoral research station by our nation, including Chinese language and literature, Foreign language​​ and literature, Journalism and Communication, History, Philosophy, Theoretical economics, Applied economics, Public administration, Business administration, Library Intelligence and File management, Management science and Engineering, Law, Political science, Marxist theory, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Geophysics, Surveying and Mapping science and technology, Computer science and technology, Environmental science and engineering, Materials science and engineering, Information and Communication engineering, Electrical engineering, Water conservancy, Civil engineering, Power engineering, Thermal physics engineering, Basic medicine, Clinical medicine, Oral medicine, totaling 32. Stations of WHU have built cooperation with more than 50 enterprising post-doctoral research stations to jointly recruit and educate post doctors and have established post-doctoral research bases in more than 20 large-scale enterprises and scientific research units. Since the establishment of the stations, school has accumulatively recruited around 1,000 and more than 600 post doctors have completed their research work, the majority of whom have become well-known experts home and abroad or have entered their leadership positions.
Over the last two decades, the school work for post doctors has been seeking innovation in reforms and promoting development in innovation, gradually forming a post doctor management system which is suitable for high-level talents’ growth and establishing a comprehensive logistic service and guarantee system. Life of post doctor in our school is rich and varied. Post doctoral Association hosts "Academic Forum" “Academic Salon " and organizes outdoor expand training on a regular basis. The school will further increase the input of funds for post doctors and vigorously implement faculty post doctor system. Young teachers will be mainly selected from outstanding post doctors.

Ⅰ Recruitment conditions

In addition to the requirements of obtaining a doctorate, being an academic achiever, being physical and mental health, the applicants must also meet the following conditions:

1.Key funding post doctor: Returned Doctors graduated from renowned overseas universities, or Doctors managed by government of domestic "985" colleges and universities and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Social Sciences, and other high-level research institutions, whose basic education should be the "211" key university full-time graduate. In principle, the applicant’s age should be less than 33 and has achieved an important academic influence scientific research.

2.Full funding of post-doctoral, matching funding (project) post doctor: Tongzhaotongfen Doctors of key universities of the Ministry of Education, or returned Doctors whose basic education should be the common university full-time graduate. In principle, the applicant’s age should be less than 35 and has achieved a high level scientific research.

Ⅱ Treatment

1.Wage income: The key funding post doctor’s annual income is 60,000 yuan; fully funded post doctor’s annual income is 45,000 yuan; matching funded post doctor is executed by the College and the station according to the agreement.
2.Research funding: May apply for the China Post doctor Science Foundation of China, Wuhan University Young Teachers Fund of independent innovation projects. School will supply 30000-50000 yuan for key funding post doctor as research start-up funds.
3.Bonus: Enjoy the performance incentives of the school. Can get bonus if the assessment of qualified above order in the comprehensive qualification- appraisement for post doctor scientific research work.
4.Housing: Enjoy low-rent housing of the school or housing subsidy.
5.Medical treatment: Enjoy free medical treatment as school faculty.
6. Other: Children nursery admission enjoys equal treatment of the school staff.

Ⅲ Reporting procedures

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Ⅳ Contact us

Post doctor Administration Office, WHU
Contact Name: Ying Jiang   Xiaoming Yuan
Contact Numeber: 86027-68754011 
Fax: 86027-68754011


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